Friday, May 4, 2012

Not Your Father's Farmer's Market !

I have to apologize for being away for awhile. I  have gone on a number of adventures but just could not find the time to move the photos from the camera. Well, today you are in luck because I have made myself sit down and savor some of the places I have been. 
 Farmer's Markets have become a staple in most major cities, and Jacksonville is no different, except with a twist: The Jacksonville Arts Market. Rather than just fruits and vegetables it offers artisans and performers a place to display their talents and is a pretty cool way to spend a Saturday. 

The venue is held under one of the many bridges that dot the city and offers welcome shelter from the oppressive heat that is Florida.

 The picture above gives a panoramic view of the little amphitheater that allows performers to attract a crowd and I am certain has launched a number of careers.   

I found this performer particularly interesting. There was something very earnest about the way he played. I only wish now that I had done a video of him playing because he was quite good.

Everyone comes to possibly buy a painting or take in the sights. Taking a picture under the supports of the bridge is one of the usual pastimes. I was no different with my picture of a picture. I really like this shot as there is something sort of intimate about it, and then the eye follows the lines into the tunnel.    

This one too is another favorite. Again, that sense of an intimate moment only this time the two people in the shot appear disconnected. The young man is looking away and the young women is facing front but looking off into the distance. And then, the eye trails off into the tunnel.

There is something for everyone as this future Method Actor illustrates. He really got into the spirit of his face painting and does a very good tiger.

The venue has styled itself to be very inviting and this shot illustrates just how inviting. A drinking fountain is a common place item, but when you consider that it even has a spout for dogs, it sends the signal: "Come one, come all!"  The dogs and their owners have heard the message loud and clear.

I hope you have enjoyed the outing as much as I did and realize that the Jacksonville Arts Market is definitely not your fathers Farmer's Market ! If you are in the area, it is a great place to while away an early morning and probably an afternoon.

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