Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Steel Wool Photography

I recently had a chance to take out the camera and go out to have some fun. My photography group's latest outing was to do steel wool photography. I didn't do much research on camera preparation and boy was I surprised with the shots I will able to get simply using the "auto" mode.

I'll explain the process involved to produce the photo you see above. Steel wool is held in a small cage on a string or rope, lit on fire and then the person lighting the cage begins to swing it. After checking online I found the process is not as simple as it might seem and you need to be careful to not swing near gas containers or other flammable items.

This next shot was pure magic for me in that the person swinging who was wearing black clothes seemed to vanish into the background.

It is magical because the camera will pick up what the eye cannot. As the guy was swinging I was not aware of what seemed like millions of filaments flying out, or for that matter hitting the ground. It was only when I checked to see what I had taken that I realized all that showed up.

This photo is my prized favorite. I say that because once again the person doing the swinging blends into the background. What I prize about the photo is its simplicity.It's done with the downtown skyline and river as the back drop, and out of the darkness is this flaming half wheel and highlights like stars.

After this adventure I cannot wait until the next such event. I've done a little reading on taking great steel wool shots so stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Drones and the 4th of July

I know it has been awhile but time and tide have kept we pretty busy. So the 4th of July provided an opportunity to take out the camera and see what I was able to add to the gallery. As usual, click each photo to get a better view.

My thoughts always go back to being a child on the 4th of July because the night sky becomes a place of wonder. We all sat patiently waiting for the appointed hour and the fireworks to begin.

And then, after much anticipation the first flicker took off....

And then the first burst and the fun was on

I managed to get this shot and despite the fact it is out of focus, I actually like it. Sometimes your best work comes by accident, and this was one of those times.

A few more quick bursts and it was over all too soon.

And then I ran into this You Tube video where a guy used a drone to go inside the fireworks and realized I could enjoy the event a little longer. So I decided to share it with you:

Monday, April 28, 2014

Taste of St. Augustine 2014 - They Came To Play

There were not as many restaurants at this year's Spring tasting event. But, the ones that did present let the tasters know that they had come to play and left taste buds dancing.

There was the Fudge Lady with delightful treats that of course pulled in a couple of face painted kids eager to taste 

And the future Olympian just having fun in between visits to various tables. I promised his mom that the future star would be featured.

The Culinary School was not be outdone and presented a wonderful assortment great treats as well.

But the restaurant that really took the gloves off and walked away with the victory was The Casa Monico with an offering of local shrimp resting on a bed of cornbread and Zucchini muffins, with cilantro creme fraiche.. It was truly heaven!

La Cocina collected style points in addition a tasty offering of Kale crusted Flounder over purple mashed potatoes and Tequila cilantro citrus sauce.

Of course my friends from San Sebastian Winery were there offering their great local wines.  

All in all it was a foodie's dream day. I walked away with a joyous feeling and numerous great tastes still dancing on my tongue. But the best part of it all is that a hotel restaurant agreed to do a full spread once they develop their new menu for my podcast. Great sights and sounds are in the future.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Budweiser Clydesdales Put On a Show

I know it has been awhile, but what I'm prepared to present should more than make up for time. I heard that the Budweiser Clydesdales were scheduled to appear at the local brewery and made it an adventure by taking pictures of these magnificent animals. Below is a combination of pictures and video of the event that should give you a sense of the excitement the horses generated. 

I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I did. Enjoy...

Monday, January 27, 2014

Time And Video

I have been trying to get caught up with photos from my latest adventures but also thought I would give you a look at what I have been up to that slowed me down as I worked on them.

Some of you are aware I have a You Tube Channel that I use to host the videos I present on this and another site. You Tube has started a feature that allows you to create an introduction video for your channel. After putting up over 30 videos (not a huge number but a lot for me) I finally decided to put up an intro video so that viewers had a chance to understand my channel and maybe decide to look around.

I will confess that while I love doing video, I subscribe to the school of thought that wants to get beyond putting up a raw unfinished product, and so... it takes me a little while to put one together. One (wo)man shops usually work that way. But I hope you like what I've done and the channel intro is provided below.

Now to just find the time to upload my pictures from a recent Feather Horse festival. 
Hope this picture increases your patience while you wait...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas in January...Oh My!

I know I have been away, and was shocked to discover just how long (since October). I started a new adventure: doing a podcast and was surprised how much time had been sucked up getting the project going. It was suppose to be so simple, 10 to 12 minute segments. how much time could it take. boy was I wrong.

Just before Christmas I decided to wander around St Augustine to take photos because there are always wonderful sights in the square during that time of the year. Somehow due to the events of the season I forgot taking them. So here I am in January discovering the photos that were so pleasant I decided to go ahead and post them anyway. As usual click each photo for a better view. 

The little podium that sits in the middle of the Square was all decked out. With just a few items they were able to transform it into the spirit of the season.

Just behind the podium was this wonderful Christmas tree that several kids stopped by to shake the presents. Despite being out in the open, it almost felt like you were in someone's living room and Santa had made an early stop.

A close up of one of the ornaments was a great treat. It sat on the podium and you can just make out the poinsettia behind it and the Christmas lights just below it. 

I ran into this flower on a side street as I wandered around the city and could not resist taking a photo. I never seem to get over my wonder coming from a cold climate that in the middle of winter in Florida flowers still bloom.

City Hall was part of the light show. It always holds good memories for me because the Lightner Museum, one of my favorite places, is in the upper levels and government offices occupy the lower section. There were several people like me waiting for the sun to go down to take photos. I was even asked to take a picture of someone with his camera. Imagine that!

But the event we were all waiting for did not disappoint. As the sun slowly went down, the entire square lit up with what seemed like a million Christmas lights that lined the trees, the street, and every inch of greenery. I never grow tired of the spectacle of it all each year. 

So you see why I couldn't bring myself to file these photos away. January, is still a great time to experience a little wonder.