Monday, April 28, 2014

Taste of St. Augustine 2014 - They Came To Play

There were not as many restaurants at this year's Spring tasting event. But, the ones that did present let the tasters know that they had come to play and left taste buds dancing.

There was the Fudge Lady with delightful treats that of course pulled in a couple of face painted kids eager to taste 

And the future Olympian just having fun in between visits to various tables. I promised his mom that the future star would be featured.

The Culinary School was not be outdone and presented a wonderful assortment great treats as well.

But the restaurant that really took the gloves off and walked away with the victory was The Casa Monico with an offering of local shrimp resting on a bed of cornbread and Zucchini muffins, with cilantro creme fraiche.. It was truly heaven!

La Cocina collected style points in addition a tasty offering of Kale crusted Flounder over purple mashed potatoes and Tequila cilantro citrus sauce.

Of course my friends from San Sebastian Winery were there offering their great local wines.  

All in all it was a foodie's dream day. I walked away with a joyous feeling and numerous great tastes still dancing on my tongue. But the best part of it all is that a hotel restaurant agreed to do a full spread once they develop their new menu for my podcast. Great sights and sounds are in the future.