Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing in the New Year!!

I decided to bring in the New Year in of all places, St. Augustine! The City was having a "Beach Bash" and it seemed a fitting end to the year: Watching fireworks on the beach. As usual, click each photo for a better view.

A good number of people felt the same way as the St. Augustine Beach pier was packed with a well rounded group of young people out for a good time, families enjoying an evening out, and of course shutter bugs like me looking for pictures. The event did not disappoint!

There were several bands that were surprisingly good. This group played a medley of 80's tuned that filled the night and brought back warm memories.

The real surprise of the evening was this young group who were well versed in tunes from "The Doors" and "Pink Floyd". I really liked this shot of one of the band members.

Coming from Denver I am always having to make the mental recalculation of how the winter is spent. Here we are in the middle of December, waiting to bring in the New Year while watching fireworks, and a family is laying a blanket on the beach.

And now the stage is set... to let the fireworks begin! I told Alex that some of the explosions looked like stars or constellations. You be the judge.

NASA has nothing on this display. I sort of imagined myself in a space ship floating out through space, enjoying the sights.

And on to the next collection of stars that brighten up the night!

The changes in colors was magnificent and at times I shifted between being in space and somewhere deep under the ocean.

Diamonds anyone?

And finally, my favorite. It was hard to decide if this was two stars or two sea urchins. Either way it makes for a beautiful sight.

No matter how you spent the evening as we slowly walked into a new year, I wish you all the best that comes with re-setting the clock for all the hopes and possibilities you can imagine. HAPPY NEW YEAR!