Monday, November 10, 2008

Different Parts of a Day

I decided to just take a day and point out all the things I ran into on that day that caught my eye or caused me a degree of wonder. The pictures are not in time order but I did provide a description of how they arrived during the day.

I'm really drawn to this piece of public art. Here are two views, in the afternoon and later at dusk as the sun was going down. I changed directions and what a difference the light and view makes.

These very tiny flowers (weeds) are all over a vacant lot we happened to walk by. They looked so beautiful I decided to take a macro shot.

Time at the library around noon on a weekend. I just liked the view from the top of the stairs. Your eye follows the stairs and then begins to focus on the people.

Breakfast and fruit in a basket on the table. The colors and composition just struck me as oddly simple and yet beautiful.

After Breakfast, out in the backyard in a tree I spy a hawk. He looks very stately and then I learn he is what is called a Chicken Hawk that eats other birds.

Around eleven, still morning and as I walk past this restaurant near the library, this flower arrangement in the window of a nearby restaurant caught my eye.