Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Really Surreal?

I stumbled upon a book on the history of photography and have found myself deeply engrossed and fascinated by it. I particularly like the surrealists which strikes me as odd. I say odd because I am generally a purist regarding the pictures I take and refuse to do anything to them other than cropping (Photoshop is the antichrist!). But something about what I was seeing struck a chord and I realized I could manipulate my photos  to provide a whole new meaning to the term "mind's eye". As usual, click each photo for a better view. 

What really surprised me about this whole affair is that I could let my mind run wild and see orchids as butterflies.

flowers as balls,

a wet leaf as a road traveled by rain drops,

a pier as a twisted road,

and parts of a bamboo shade as whirls.

This little experiment has opened a whole new world for me. And, while I'm not ready to run out and buy Photoshop I will admit to being willing to see the world in a different way.


  1. Superb and absolutely thought-provoking !
    Thanks for these great pictures, Cherrie.

  2. Sorry I took so long to publish your post (didn't see that I had a comment) and have been working like mad of late. Glad you liked the photos though. I had the flowers and the leaf blown up and printed and now that both sit on the wall in my office.