Monday, January 27, 2014

Time And Video

I have been trying to get caught up with photos from my latest adventures but also thought I would give you a look at what I have been up to that slowed me down as I worked on them.

Some of you are aware I have a You Tube Channel that I use to host the videos I present on this and another site. You Tube has started a feature that allows you to create an introduction video for your channel. After putting up over 30 videos (not a huge number but a lot for me) I finally decided to put up an intro video so that viewers had a chance to understand my channel and maybe decide to look around.

I will confess that while I love doing video, I subscribe to the school of thought that wants to get beyond putting up a raw unfinished product, and so... it takes me a little while to put one together. One (wo)man shops usually work that way. But I hope you like what I've done and the channel intro is provided below.

Now to just find the time to upload my pictures from a recent Feather Horse festival. 
Hope this picture increases your patience while you wait...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas in January...Oh My!

I know I have been away, and was shocked to discover just how long (since October). I started a new adventure: doing a podcast and was surprised how much time had been sucked up getting the project going. It was suppose to be so simple, 10 to 12 minute segments. how much time could it take. boy was I wrong.

Just before Christmas I decided to wander around St Augustine to take photos because there are always wonderful sights in the square during that time of the year. Somehow due to the events of the season I forgot taking them. So here I am in January discovering the photos that were so pleasant I decided to go ahead and post them anyway. As usual click each photo for a better view. 

The little podium that sits in the middle of the Square was all decked out. With just a few items they were able to transform it into the spirit of the season.

Just behind the podium was this wonderful Christmas tree that several kids stopped by to shake the presents. Despite being out in the open, it almost felt like you were in someone's living room and Santa had made an early stop.

A close up of one of the ornaments was a great treat. It sat on the podium and you can just make out the poinsettia behind it and the Christmas lights just below it. 

I ran into this flower on a side street as I wandered around the city and could not resist taking a photo. I never seem to get over my wonder coming from a cold climate that in the middle of winter in Florida flowers still bloom.

City Hall was part of the light show. It always holds good memories for me because the Lightner Museum, one of my favorite places, is in the upper levels and government offices occupy the lower section. There were several people like me waiting for the sun to go down to take photos. I was even asked to take a picture of someone with his camera. Imagine that!

But the event we were all waiting for did not disappoint. As the sun slowly went down, the entire square lit up with what seemed like a million Christmas lights that lined the trees, the street, and every inch of greenery. I never grow tired of the spectacle of it all each year. 

So you see why I couldn't bring myself to file these photos away. January, is still a great time to experience a little wonder.