Friday, May 11, 2012

For Love of Their Passion

 I am always amazed by people with passion and the exciting things that passion causes them to create. Had a chance a few weekends ago to visit my favorite city: St. Augustine, for their annual Arts Market and ran into some very passionate, talented people I wanted to share with you. As usual, click each photo for a better view.

First, a very colorful character who is part of a duo (Ralph and Dan) called The Broom Brothers that had yarn upon yarn to tell about of all things brooms.


A broom is not just a broom and they prove that right down to the selection of the perfect broom corn to make their creations or the revival of a ritual from slavery by African Americans of getting married by "jumping the broom." You could listen for hours as he describes the process that goes into creating one of these jewels and their uses.

The next artist's work just drew me to it: The mixed media of Diane Dean. There is texture that the camera (or at least, my camera) could not completely capture. The colors are quite vivid and yet have a dreamy quality that as I stood studying it I found myself transported to the scene from the Wizard of OZ where the wicked witch says "Poppies, lots of poppies!"

This vase of flowers has that same quality that I also found overwhelmingly strong and yet dreamy. There is definitely a sense of passion to it which is amazing because the artist herself seems almost shy. 

Next is one of my favorite points of interest: glass blowing. Henry C. Duquette from "Wildfire Glass" was displaying hand blown pendants. I could not resist taking a picture of this picture highlighting him blowing glass. 

The pendants were quite beautiful with very intricate designs within designs. 

And his wife even got into the act and posed as a model. They were a talented, fun couple.

A good number of artists and photographers are producing amazing work with HDR photography (high dynamic range), which quite simply allows more contrast and therefore more detail in images. This work by Jack Wicks looks like you could walk into this street scene of a lazy southern afternoon, it is so sharp.The mood and the colors just grab you!

And who could resist an afternoon at a beach like this? The rocks and the sky seem to draw the eye and combine to produce a sense of peace and calm.

It was almost time for the show to close and then I spied these glistening  works that could light up any room. Clark Art Studio is a husband and wife team  who work with brass. She paints the piece and then he uses a grinder to remove the paint that produces a finished work very similar to the HDR photos above but with wonderful texture and brilliance. My photos don't do justice to the depth and brilliance of each piece

That is especially true for this piece where the brilliant blue of the flowers seems to hang suspended on the canvas.

All of these artists demonstrate again and again their passion for the work they love. I have highlighted links to their individual websites so you can dig a little deeper into their work and get a chance to experience what I did during my encounters with them. Enjoy the journey!

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