Friday, March 23, 2012

Orchids - Nature's Masterpiece

I love working in my garden, and while I can't say that I am great at it, I derive no end of pleasure from seeing a pampered flower bloom. I have grown all kinds of plants just to see if I could do it and have to say that Orchids have always been my failing.

But, going to a show where hundreds are featured allows me to give tribute to the growers who are able to produce these wonderful creations. As usual, click on each photo for a better view.

I took well over a hundred pictures so you can imagine the monumental task I had to whittle that number down for the blog. It was a labor of love though and I hope you find the ones selected as fascinating as I did.

for those of you who like purple, have I got a purple for you! The orchids appear like little purple bells ready to ring. The yellow hood on each bloom only adds to the imagery.

I've included this shot just because of the alien nature of the flower. All we need is Sigourney Weaver and we have a movie set.

I love this shot, just because the blooms seem to rise out of the dark background with little baby flowers over to the left. There were numerous variations of this type but I liked this one the best.

Orchids truly are wonderfully complex plants and growers seem to come up with no end of variations on types. This shot just speaks to me on so many levels based on it's simplicity and the beauty of the bloom.

These two blooms and were of interest to me based on their brilliant colors and the almost "buttery" texture of the petals.

There is a lushness about the two that make you want to stand and admire them forever...

I really like this shot that looks almost as if the blooms have been cut or tapered. It adds an interesting aspect to the visual effect.

Beauty and simplicity, are the aspects that make the orchid nature's masterpiece. This shot highlights that fact perfectly. The blooms are lovely without being wildly so. There is a simplicity to the bloom that makes it perfect.

I saw numerous variations of this type, but liked this one again because of the thick buttery quality of the bloom. Some of the other colors I saw were in that deep purple shade I mentioned earlier. This yellow background with red spots adds a different twist to the type.

several people who had attended the Orchid Society's annual event told me in all the years they had attended, this year's show had the most variety and they loved it. I vote with them that it is hard to imagine so much perfection housed in one place. I enjoyed the magnificent show!

Stay tuned, next stop the Jacksonville Arts Market!

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