Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Crossing of a Milestone...

One of my brothers recently had a significant birthday, and with all the celebrations of the holidays I thought I would share the party with you. Below is a video of the event made for him to look back and enjoy the moment.

It should give an idea of the wild and crazy family we happen to be...

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Magic of Christmas Lghts

As a child I always loved this time to year because it was a feast for the eyes with all the Christmas decorations. To get into the spirit we went to view the display of a local store and were not disappointed. There were several little kids present, eyes full of wonder, and I hope to transmit some of that excitement with the photos I've chosen. As always, click on each photo for a better view.

The baby Jesus display was excellent in highlighting the significance of the season. It really gives the impression that something very dynamic has happened!

And angels were everywhere!

And, of course the Christmas tree... It was more exciting than any Christmas tree we ever had and I just loved the way the bulbs are suspended in the air. You could almost hear the Nutcracker playing in the background!

I could not resist taking this shot of one of the bulbs. The darkness behind it is mysterious and hints that Santa and his elves are probably back there working hard getting ready to make deliveries!

Speaking of Santa Claus... there was Mrs. Claus with the elves. I love the little elf coming out of the box and you can barely see his head and eyes!

There were Carolers

a snow man

a golden deer that seemed to come alive for the occasion,

a little village,

and even a group of Christmas mice.

But my personal favorite was a group of teddy bears looking down on all the activities.

And finally, a small video clip of all the animated festivities: