Thursday, May 5, 2011

It Really is A Small World

Every year since moving to Florida I have heard about the World of Nations Celebration and this year we decided to finally go. What I learned is that different immigrant groups work to put together a booth featuring things that would be of interest from their countries of origin. I applaud each of them because it truly did open a window to the world right from people who had lived it.

We went on Sunday and missed the big event the previous day which featured a huge citizenship ceremony of newly minted Americans. But, there was still loads of sights, sounds, and good food to be had on the final day as well. I've done this video in the hope it will give a feel of what we encountered. Feel free to expand the video to get a better view.


  1. A lovely, entertaining and colorful video ! I thoroughly enjoyed this Floridian sample of the "melting pot" ! I confess I love America (même si ce n'est pas - encore - le Paradis !) Take care.

  2. JLBO,
    Yes, it really was a great deal of fun and enlightening to see just how many countries are represented in this area.