Friday, April 29, 2011

A Promise Is A Promise

When I transferred all my posts on the main blog, Coactive Dreams blogspot, over to my website I promised that you would "see" more of me because I would begin to do more videos and interviews. As the title says, a promise is a promise and I have finally gotten around to uploading several videos to establish my You Tube channel.

I am registered there under "aussiebat1" and thought I would preview my welcome video here on the gallery. I will continue to display photos but also get a chance to take you along with me in a more active sense through the use of video.

And so... lights, camera, action!


  1. Welcome back ! Thought you'd disappeared ! Thank God you're still around beaming and full of great new ideas for your gallery! With love.

  2. JLBO,
    Good to hear from you as well. I blog now in spurts because I am extremely busy. The YouTube channel was something I have wanted to do for quite awhile but did not have the time to work it in. Now I have set up a process to do the recording and can embed them into the blog from YouTube so it should be fun to see pictures and view the new adventures. Take care!