Monday, May 9, 2011

Crazy Over The Moon: The Best Laid Plans

Just when I figured a way to get more magnification for my moon shots... Mother Nature steps in to thwart me.

You may have heard about it on the news, A rapidly growing wildfire in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge has burned more than 96 square miles of the swamp and is still going. I knew there was a smoky haze when I awoke this morning that lasted the entire day, but I hadn't thought it would be so thick that the moon would be covered in a reddish brown haze.

But, we must press on and press on I did and took my pictures. This one has a lot more detail (even if blocked by the smoke) and has now confirmed for me that it can be done. That said, I can now promise I will leave future moon shots to the space shuttle!

Ok, I already admitted I have become a little obsessive about this moon thing. And, who says the shuttle has an exclusive on the subject ( I think that is what is called rationalization). I went back a few nights later and like what I got.

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