Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Gift To You...

Have you ever stumbled on to something that was so wonderful that you could not wait to share it with someone else? Well I did! Like all of us have done from time to time I clicked the "next blog" button and stumbled on to a photography blog I found amazing!

What was amazing is that the photos were not just the usual beautiful pictures, and they are beautiful, but possess the unusual quality of making the ordinary something strange and mystical. They caused me to want to use my camera above in more ways than I have tried before and to see things from a different perspective than I have in the past.

The blog is titled A Photographic Day, where the photographer has decided to take a picture a day and post them. On the face of it not a very difficult task, but what surprisingly arrives every day is something other worldly or thought provoking from the simplest of objects.

I asked Chris, the photographer, if I could feature her on my blog and she graciously consented. And so my gift to you is the highlighted link above. Look through several posts and not just the first few days to really get a sense of what I mean about her making the ordinary interesting. Go prepared to see pictures that can cause you to ponder for hours exactly what is the meaning of something you probably see everyday, and yet through her eyes now see in a totally different light.

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