Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Constant Gardner Returns: The Tortoise And The Hare

The race is on in the garden competition but pleased as I am with my results so far, it also feels somewhat like the "Tortoise and the Hare." I have gotten off to a blazing start and yet Daddy seems strangely unconcerned. As usual, click each photo for a better view.

True, I am still somewhat a novice but I learned a good deal last year so you would think he would at least consider me a threat this year. But he is very slowly beginning to think about what he wants to plant this year and plowing under his winter greens.

Oh well, I have gotten a fast start and plan to enjoy it. As this current shot shows, despite the early heat my crop has really taken off.

A back view illustrates that my greens are already a good size. Twice a week now I go out to break off leaves to use for a meal.

I love this time of year and Squash. Their blooms are like magic as they appear in all their glory and just as quickly disappear.

The photo below was taken a few hours later and the flower has begun to fade. I guess that is what makes the first one even more precious.

The cucumbers too have taken off. I'm looking forward to the little game I played last year of lifting a leaf and finding a hiding cucumber ready for a salad. They were a favorite because there was always the element of surprise followed by a juicy treat.

Tomatoes are my largest crop this year as I doubled the number of plants. Unlike the cucumbers I can't pick them just yet but there is a wave of Early Girl tomatoes that has begun to build.

And so gang, I may not know what tricks Daddy has up his sleeves for this year's competition but this little hare is going to keep running as fast as she can. Don't look back he may be gaining on me!


  1. I AM IMPRESSED with your victory garden.. I suspect your Dad is taking his time because he definitely knows the right time to start- not that u don't.. He's a seasoned farmer...and I am sure his garden has been tilled and seasoned over the years so he probably doesn't have to amend the soil as much and can just plop those seeds in. :-) Can't wait to see his photos and progress...
    Tortoise and hare- no doubt!and what do they say about that tortoise?

  2. Chrissy,
    That tortoise thing is what worries me. That is what he did last year and his crop lasted almost into the winter. But, like I said, don't look back he may be gaining on me! haha

  3. LOL YOU know he will be gaining on you...Please don't look back, cuz he will pass u up... :-)

  4. Chrissy,
    Funny you should say that because I paid an unexpected visit and there were pots loaded with his seedlings! He is already planning the assault.

  5. In Spanish language "Spring" is "primavera". I like to think that Prima -Vera is a kind of old language: (Prima = first, and Vera = truth). The First Truth...

    Beautiful pics, dear :-)

  6. Ana,
    I will remember that word. I like the way you have broken it down to "The First Truth." I say that because Spring really is the truth to the lie that Winter brings. Everything is not dead but very much alive and waiting for the gentle kiss of a full sun.