Friday, May 7, 2010

A Watched Pot...

Americans have an expression that "A watched pot never boils", meaning the more you watch something the longer it takes. And, I have been watching the garden and like the expression says, the plants had not been growing fast enough. But then... one day there was this burst of flowers.

And Chrissy was right, it has been relaxing to lovingly work at weeding and watching the garden grow. One thing I have noticed is that there is a simple beauty that exists in plants in a garden. As usual click each photo for a better view.

These flowers are from my growing squash crop. One day they just burst forward out of no where.

This one too is sort of peeking through. I could not help but think it was almost like a little child hiding.

As I looked at this shot, the flower almost appears to be an orchid.

When I first took these photos I thought I might be a little over the top regarding the garden. But, I later went back to look at them and the buds had closed. It was then that I realized I had captured a moment in time that existed and then disappeared as the plant moved on to the it's next stage.


  1. wow! those are huge flowers... are u growing zucchini? btw how is your father's victory garden coming along?

  2. Chrissy,
    Have no fear... in the interest of fairness I plan to give Daddy equal time. I went by the other day and he just looked at me and smiled! He has jumped ahead! Maybe there is something to his talk of planting by the moon because he now has a full growth of greens, okra, and squash. The good thing about it is that he has thrown himself into the project and it has given new purpose to his day to day living.

  3. Good for him!... I expect your next post to be that your Dad has either set up a roadside stand or he is offering his veggies door to door! some pics of his victories ok?

  4. Chrissy,
    Forget the roadside stand, he is having fun just rubbing it in! All he does is give me a knowing smile.

  5. Chrissy,
    Blogger is back to deleting comments again. I approved your last comment and then it disappeared. So everyone will have to wait for the next blog to hear more about Ana.

  6. Ou, thanks for your kind words, Cherrie :-) Anyway, I think my English is awful, ha ha, but you are very nice with me.
    Your photos have a light and color gorgeus, and I love this sentence of the pot :-) I didn't know it. It is very, very true!