Monday, May 3, 2010

The Present Moment Cafe

When someone says cuisine I normally do not think vegan, but the Cafe "The Present Moment" takes it to a whole new level. In fact, the food is so attractively presented and tastes so magnificent you will find your taste buds actually dancing. As usual click each photo for a better view.

I had been wandering around the "Taste of St Augustine" for awhile sampling and the young man pictured above caught my eye. He was talking to a couple earlier about organic wine and seemed quite busy, but turned to me with a friendly smile and just started telling me about the place.

Despite the fact I am always in St. Augustine I had never heard of them. It seems they have been around since 2006 providing what he described as unprocessed, gluten free, living food (translation.. raw) or as he put it "kind cuisine."

I guess he could tell I was skeptical because he sprang into action and made me what looked like a huge sample of their Kale salad and then topped it off with candied pecans. I've done a blow-up so you can experience it as I saw it. And then I began to eat... and my whole face lit up. The greens were oh so tender with a wonderful blending of flavors and just a hint of sweetness as it went down. I would expect to find something like this in Denver, but right down the road from me in my favorite city! I was in heaven!

I could not seem to get enough and made the rounds near their booth a couple of times to sample more of their offerings. And a funny thing... I did not miss the lack of meat.

I guess you could say no one was surprised as to who took the Grand Prize? You got it... The Present Moment Cafe.

Later I did a little research on them and learned that a lot of people felt the same way I did about their wonderfully fresh and exciting food. Here is a link to a number of reviews they have received. Notice everyone says pretty much the same thing, that vegan or not, good food is good food and eye pleasing presentation is always a plus.

So if you are ever in St Augustine, by all means drop in because I know where I plan to be on my next visit! Don't believe me? Click on their highlighted name above and view their menu.


  1. Fantastic.. Organic Food is very big i Denmark, as healthy living in general. By now, I should think every schoolchild knows what to eat and what not.
    My brother is a vegitarian, so I have had a few vegi-dishes over the years. I like it, but to tell you the truth, I can't do without meat. I don't have to eat it every day, but sometimes I get this craving.. I must have a big juicy hamburger, home cooked with all the trimmings.. Absolutely wonderful :))))

  2. They are some delicious images, Cherrie :-)

  3. Madam Kjeldsen,
    Sadly in America every school child does not know what to eat and that is responsible for so much obesity here. But The Present Moment Cafe removes the thought that food that is good for you has to taste bad or look funny. Like you every now and then I want meat but after sampling their food, I think it would be a lot easier to go for long periods without it and still feel I had a series of good tasting food.

  4. Hi Anna!
    How is the photography coming? I thought about you this last weekend because I went to St Augustine and took some pictures of houses on little back streets and got a totally different view of the city. I'll show those once this series is over. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Ok, Cherrie, I will be glad to see them :-)

  6. Weigthproblems is a major issue i DK too .. despite the knowledge of what to eat and what not. It is as if knowledge alone doesn't do it..

    By the way, I think the little cafe you pictured really deserved the prize.... because there's nothing like the present moment, right :)