Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Garden Progresses...

Things have really moved along on the American Gothic front since my last garden post. I have had to make adjustments in response to too much shade, not enough water, and most of all time. But, where there is a will there is a way... and I have discovered I have a lot of will. As usual, click each photo for a better view.

After my sprouts began rising I realized that my old friend the big oak tree was providing a little too much shade and preventing a full range of sunlight to get my crops going. So, I had to dig more ground further out from the tree and transfer several sprouts. But, the corn seems no worse for the move and is progressing nicely.

Next I learned that the soil for the garden is rich but also very sandy and required almost a daily watering to make certain there was enough moisture for the plants. This required a lot of time standing around holding a garden hose.
And then I remembered that awhile back Alex had constructed me a little irrigation tool for some flowers. A quick trip to the garden store with the sprinkler contraption in hand and considerable dollars lighter (this garden thing was beginning to cost) below you see the new irrigation system. It took a little effort to put the sprinklers together but I regarded it as a puzzle which sped up the process.

I now have six sprinklers attached to a hose and the hose is attached to a timer. It comes on at programed intervals, covers the entire garden and then shuts off. The sprouts have begun to thrive.

The addition of regular watering has generated all kinds of growth and greenery. So much growth that Daddy and I are now in a contest to see who has the biggest harvest. He has warned me that he is a fierce competitor with a long outdoor history so I am in the fight of my life!

But, so far I can project that I will have a bumper crop of cucumbers, corn, squash and tomatoes.

I just wonder if it will be enough to beat Daddy? He has been known to cheat...!


  1. Well, I am impressed. I would love to grow tomatoes but somehow those nasty green worms seem to appear magically.. My husband use to pay the kids a quarter to pull those suckers off.. The girls would run from that bribe, they couldn't stand killing those green things.. I have to admit they were gross and HUGE!.

  2. Chrissy,
    I remember those slugs from the time I lived in California. Florida has every kind of bug and critter you can imagine but not the slugs like in California. Oh yes, I bought the marigolds you mentioned and now just need time to plant them (smile)

  3. btw my dad bought a head of garlic and planted it.. and it grew.. that's another squirrel detourant, also u will get these pretty little lavender flowers, the smell gets more potent when the plant gets wet.

  4. Oh, congratulations, Cherrie, it's beautiful your garden, and your plants tell us: "if you plant, you will achieve" (tomatos or succes :-D)

    Sorry for my absence, Cherrie, I'm very busy these days, but, I hope back soon. Cheers!

  5. ...therefore your Dad is unbeatable ... ! (but, please, don't take Sigmund literally !)

    This said, methinks you're doing fine ! (hope your tomatoes will be blushing at the compliment...)

  6. JLBO,
    No Sigmund taken. It is just that Daddy is a very crafty old scamp who has only gotten scampier as he has gotten older. But, to give the devil his due, he is very knowledgeable about plants and goes off on these tangents about planting by the moon blah, blah, blah. Me, I just plant and pray!