Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Little Garden in which to walk...

We had heard a lot about the Cummer Museum Garden and one day looking for something to photograph we grabbed our cameras and set off.

The garden is the combination of adjoining estates owned by two millionaire brothers from the turn of the century who donated the property to the museum. What we discovered is an area dedicated to quiet repose that overlooks the St. Johns River. As usual, click each photo for a better view.

The entrance above has the look of going into a secret garden loaded with plants, fountains, and pergolas. I'm certain the brothers took their inspiration from gardens they saw in Europe as that was the trend at the time to make the voyage there and recreate items seen once you returned.

A closer view of the little fountain that sits in the middle of the walk.

This part of Florida is known for it's growth of oak trees and this one really impressed. It has stood for a millennium, and in the process of venerable growth the limbs have stretched in unbelievable shapes and directions. They not only reach to the sky but cover the ground. We both stood in awe because it is a fantastic sight.

Under one of the pergolas I saw this vase that created the perfect mood of being in Italy rather than Florida.

And the berries attached to the vine provided the perfect play of light to create a great shot.

This fountain made a leisurely afternoon of listening to the fall of water and the view of the river very enjoyable. We went later in the afternoon just before dark and we could understand how walking here could remove all the stress of the day for the financial titans.

This gargoyle was one of my favorites. It gives a sense of malevolence that seems to stare out at you.

I also find it strange that the side view which offers more detail does not seem as threatening.

And talk about a place for peaceful contemplation. This little pond has a raised seat that allows a great view. This shot was taken with the idea that this is what you would see if you were sitting on that concrete bench.

Another of my favorite shots is this little fountain with a branch of the big oak suspended above it and a little boy among the plants. The sculpture is so life like I at first thought it was a real child playing in the flowers. It is such a charming view that you almost think you are a secret observer of a quiet moment.

And finally a real stolen moment: I saw this young woman quietly resting near a branch of the same great oak and it seemed like the perfect way to end the day.


  1. OMG, Cherie, that's a garden I would want to live in 4 ever!. Way too that is heaven.

  2. Chrissy,
    How did Fitzgerald say it: "The rich are not like you and I", and it is very true. Like you said, it would be almost perfect to come home every day to this oasis to wash away the cares of the day.

  3. It's funny... Meantime I saw this gardens I think of a very old Spanish song. The lyrics is something like this:

    "Andalouse night of full moon,
    hidden fountains, and calm soul,
    in the gardens the mistress waits..."

    Andalucía is very far of this place where you made your photos, but the mind is strange and makes stranges associations. This song is very old, it is andalusian rock, the music is by the great composer Enrique Granados. When I listen it, I always think in a kind of garden like the one of your photos.

    If you want, you can listen it too here :-)


  4. A lovely "jardin" ! You'd never think you're in Florida (albeit Florida IS a beautiful state !) : It reminds me of a romantic place in Italy, on the Lago Maggiore, called Stresa and the Borromean Islands (except for the surrounding mountains overlooking the Italian lake, of course ! )
    Your pics are always so gorgeous that you make me want to visit all those places - and your captions too are always so enticing !

  5. Well gang...
    Just returned from a great trip to Savannah and saw all these wonderful comments on the Cummer Museum garden.

    Alex and I found some great places including gardens in Savannah and will post pictures soon.

    That song is great!

    I did a google search on "gardens Lago Maggiore" and you are right it does resemble a part of Italy!

    Well, I am resting and getting over a hard fall I had off my bike as we were traveling through the area. No bruises but a few sore spots. First time I have ever fallen off the little cruiser, my racer bike yes, but traveling at 3 miles per hours, NEVER!

  6. Oh, I'm very sorry to read that :-( I hope you feel better soon, Cherrie. Kisses

  7. Ana,
    I was not hurt, only bruised and I guess my pride as well for such a simple thing. Every time we have gone to Savannah it has rained and on the first day we were riding over wet cobblestones when the wheel just went out from under me. I got up and dusted myself off and we soldiered on but was pretty careful after that with the sore spots as remainders

  8. Well, :-) it's better then. We are learning with each experience which happens, aren't we? :-)