Sunday, January 13, 2013

When The Old Is New

There is an expression that if you wait long enough, what is old will become new. Every now and then you encounter something that proves the point. I like to wander through thrift stores and frequently find great gems that others have thrown away. The picture below is an example. As usual, click the photo for a better view.

I've beveled it for effect but take a really good look at the two women in this photo. There is something about it that simply called to me. If you take a quick glance, it almost appears that there in the 1920's one of them is checking her iPhone. That was my first take on it. 

It does not tell who took the photo (and it is a real photo) but there is something ever so pleasing about these two quite fashionable women in Paris (my take on it)  deep in a conversation that is very important to them. I guess you could say that is the magic of photography, that here is a simple moment in time that somehow seems just as intriguing today, almost a hundred years later.

I bought the photo and hung it in a very prominent place in my Den, as it gives me something to aspire to in the art of photography. Now that you understand the mystery for me, go back and look again!

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