Monday, January 28, 2013

Morning In Small Town America

I recently joined a photography group and really enjoy the interesting suggestions to join with others at specific locations to take pictures and compare product. My first outing was a place I had photographed before, Green Cove Springs, Florida. The difference this time: The group would meet at 7am to photograph the sunrise. I tend not to be a good early riser so after a strong cup of coffee, was ready to head out at 5:45 am. As usual, click each photo for a better view.

What really shocked me about arriving so early in the morning was how colorful the beginning of a day could be. I am one of those people who tends to work well into the night, and much like a vampire seeing the sun rise becomes a dangerous thing. But, surprisingly, I felt no ill effects and actually became brave and began to walk around.

The pier, which received a short mention on my previous trip now took on a whole new meaning. It became a beacon of light that would allow me to venture out on to the water.

If you are a regular reader you already know about my desire to see life from a different angle, and the pier was no different. Looking at it from a lower level creates a very different line of sight. And,  highlights the very focused way I guess I see life. From this angle the pier could be a landing strip, an alien space ship, or even a bug of some kind. Interesting what things come to mind when you give it free reign to wander...

Time is passing, and as I gaze off in the distance, I find the spot where the sun will actually rise. A look and then the realization that I might want to find a different spot to view the big event.

More time passes, and finally the big event! The sun begins to slip above the horizon. All of us are in awe that something so simple as the rising of the sun could have so much meaning and beauty. As you can see, I was not the only one struck by the wonder of this moment. Once again, I understand how Mark Twain must have felt as he greeted the morning sailing down the Mississippi River.

Moving along the river to change my spot, I hurry to get in position because with each ticking second the object of my attention is changing as it rises in the sky. Even though the camera gives a slightly red tint to the scene, it still is an amazing sight of something you and I have seen every day of our lives.

We are now almost fully engaged as the glow of the sun casts an even larger shadow across the river. Darkness has lost the battle as sunlight begins to spread across the landscape.

The battle may have been won by the sunlight but not against the computer. Rather than do a color photo I decided to display it in black and white. I got the idea from another photographer who did an amazing shot using that technique. Strange but somehow doing that makes you appreciate daylight.

The session has now come to a close and the camera is loaded with shots. But, just before I'm ready to pack up and head home I spied this tree locked in the tight embrace of some unknown vines. I could not resist, the play of light through the trees and the tangle of vines resembled a wooden Medusa welcoming a new day. And now home and back to bed!

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