Monday, January 21, 2013

A Little Rhyming Alice In Wonderland

I promised awhile back that I had a new camera and would take more and better video; and after a slow start, I'm ready to begin to fulfill that promise. It never hurts to put a little skin in the game by making an investment to also spur you into action. And so, I have gone out and purchased a photo lighting kit as well.

I probably will not use them all the time but it adds another level of professionalism to my approach. And in that vein, I'm presenting a video of the latest adventure to one of my favorite places: The Karpele Manuscript Museum. They have a current exhibit of nursery rhyme manuscripts which added to the sense of excitement. But, what I also wanted to show was how the museum and each new exhibition creates its own level of wonder and new information that makes it a place to return to.

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