Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Return of the Constant Gardener: The Garden Takes Shape

The hectic pace of late has not given me a good deal of time but the garden has begun to take shape.

I pulled out the irrigation system I created last year and shortened it. In this way I am able to saturate a lot more of a smaller space. The greens and tomatoes have responded in kind and begun to stand tall againt the rising heat of the noon day sun here in Florida. The cucumbers in the front, have also peeped out of the ground so full fledged plants can't be far away.

A tip Daddy seems to live by is always planting at or near a full moon, so I am taking no chances.

My final few seelings are up and ready to go. And, I hope the huge moon we have been experiencing will help my efforts!


  1. Guess the Spring has come over there...

  2. Nomore,
    Yes, Spring always comes early in Florida. Just like it is the hottest place one can imagine in July. (smile)

  3. I so look forward to following your garden this year.. As I remember, you did quite well last year.. :)

  4. Madam Kjeldsen,
    thank you for the words of encouragement. I plan to give the garden as much time as possible given my hectic schedule. And, I also plan to build on the knowledge I gained from last year. Stay Tuned!