Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do We Really See ?

Was working in the yard the other day and came in tired but happy that I had made the necessary fixes and could now rest. While I was taking my breather I looked around me and in a strange moment of clarity realized there are unbelievably interesting things all around us.

I quickly grabbed the camera and took a picture and have posted it here. I've posted it in order to ask what do you see? Really look at the photo above and tell me what it is that you make of it. As usual, you can click it to get a better view. What do you see?

I found some of the responses very interesting because some of you really took the time to let your imaginations flow. To the right is the literal image of what I saw.

I came inside after working in the yard, poured a glass of ginger ale into a round glass that I sat on the floor of the screen porch. I happened to look down and saw the image of the glass from a top view and realized just the amazing nature of it. The glass with the bubbles, and condensation around the outside. And then, sort of like Dan, all the images that could spring from this simple object.

Now that you know what it is... what do you see?


  1. Isn't that the bottom of a 'boobie' lamp? My gf's daughter nicknamed their hanging lamp that has a decorative point (nipple) like this one u have... so, I would say u got a golden boobie there!. lol

  2. I see a baby's face near the edge of the bowl. Then it also looks a little like turtle if you look at it on the side. In the middle looks like a man wearing a hat. But, it is natural to make faces out of things in pictures.

  3. Dan and Chrissy,

    Those were all good guesses and I have found this exercise very interesting. I will post tomorrow what it literally is but you both have allowed your minds to wander in a good way to really look at a thing.