Sunday, April 25, 2010

Butterfly Festival

I had almost talked myself out of going this weekend... But, after visiting the Butterfly Museum in Gainesville a year ago, when I heard there was a Butterfly Festival right here in Jacksonville I pushed myself to go!

There was plenty to see and experience, and I am certain some of the children who attended will never forget the experience. As usual click each photo for a better view.

First, there were the bubbles which were a big hit!

Followed by the Jacksonville Herpetology Society. The snakes were fun to watch and I am announcing that I actually touched one!

JLBO, whatever you do... do not watch this video! And YES, the snake is under his shirt.

There was even music from a harp player who was just setting up as I arrived.

But the undisputed hit of the festival was the Butterfly Encounter.

A trainer showed everyone how it was done and then the race was on...

There were those who were very direct,

those who used the gentle approach,

and those who were just happy to get a nibble from the first butterfly that came along. But pretty much if you were patient everyone got a chance to feed a butterfly.

It was a wonderful experience to watch and I felt pretty good as the Butterfly Lady waved goodbye.


  1. Of course, I couldn't resist watching the video, but...ouch ! You've no idea I much I hate snakes ! (in fact, I suspect you have ... you "wicked" woman ! (smile)

  2. JLBO,
    I could not get over the fact that the guy had the snake wrapped around him and under his shirt. He let me touch it and it felt quite soft and smooth, almost like soft leather. He told me that is why some of them are endangered because their skin can be used for boots and handbags.