Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If I were You I'd Go back...

Just to let you know that Alex and I have real lives and not every weekend is a photo adventure... Last weekend Alex had a work project and agreed to work the entire weekend to complete it. I was left to my own devices and decided to do some work around the yard.

There is a section of the backyard that sits under a huge oak tree from my neighbor’s yard that I have been looking at for a long time. I say that because the tree has over grown so much that it looks like the evil forest in the Wizard of Oz. You know, the one Dorothy and the gang enter to get to the witch and encounter the sign that says: "If I were You I'd go back.." The time alone gave me the push I needed to finally tackle it. The great and powerful Google has allowed you to click on each photo to see the full detail.

The tools of the trade

I have come to appreciate why guys spend so much time in hardware stores after I bought the house (I previously had a condo). Once you have struggled with a task and then someone gives you a tool that cuts the time in half you understand that the right tool can reduce any job to light duty. So, the first task was to lay out the tools: Ladder - check; chainsaw - check; reciprocating saw - check; and finally lots of courage because I am afraid of heights.

Mounting the ladder

I know it sounds funny but as I mounted the ladder and got that funny feeling in my stomach that I get when I have reached my height limit, I thought about my post on fear. It kept me going as I went higher and higher to cut the first branch.

A Bold Move

The first branch went so well I did a little calculation and rather than cutting this huge branch bit by bit I figured one bold move should do the trick and the branch would fall on my side of the fence. A well placed cut and down the huge branch came. But, there was some miscalculation and a portion of the fence was destroyed.

However, light instantly flowed through the area. And, we now had a good bit of oak to cure and use for barbeques later this summer.

The entire adventure was very instructive in that I faced my fears. And that section of the backyard now looks so welcoming I have to think of a project to make use of the extra bit of ground I now have… that is after I go to Lowes and replace the fence!


  1. ohhhh, firewood. we had an ice storm a few months back and used all of ours to keep toasty. ever since i get happy looking at firewood even though i won't need any for at least another two seasons.
    congrats on looking at the fear and doing it anyway.

  2. Terre,

    That is a wonderful image: feeling toasty in front of a warm fire. I will remember that wherever I look at the firewood.

    And yes, I do feel pretty good that I was able to keep going to get that firewood!

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  4. Guess so very tired this day ! hard works...Anyway nice pictures nice a blog...

  5. Yes Nomore,

    I was really tired that night!

  6. Good fences make good neighbors...eheheheheheh :)
    (You need a fireplace now !)
    Hope you have a quiet week-end.Take care both of you.

  7. JLBO,

    You and Frost are soooo right about the fence and the neighbor. I plan to replace that last section as soon as possible!