Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is Just Around the Corner

Nothing says Spring like the arrival of the annual Home and Garden Show! It is always a good place to wander through for ideas for the Spring and Summer months around the house. Not to be left out, me and a friend decided to join the crowd. As usual, click each photo for a better view.

The above photo is from the pond tours. If making a backyard oasis is somewhere in your future there were ideas for every taste and budget.

We arrived early because nice weather promised to produce a large crowd. I took this shot near the entrance and for some reason just liked the look of it.

Walking through the show, I was pleasantly surprised to encounter the folks from the Jax Boat Club. You may remember them from the Christmas Boat Light Show. This was the group that saved the tradition of a light show on the St Johns River. They are people with big hearts and I could not resist stopping by to chat and then taking a photo.

And now, back to looking for home decorating ideas... I really liked the distinct look of these tiles and the excitement any one of them could add to a kitchen atmosphere.

Further down was a Teak furniture display that could make any backyard patio a show place.

Outdoor rooms are definitely in vogue and there were loads of examples of things to try. This patio bar is a good example.

And, there was even a chef demonstrating cooking techniques for a special type of cookware. He made it look almost effortless.

But the two items that really got my attention was first, this skylight company with a very informative husband and wife team. They showed me how they could almost instantly add the drama of a skylight to your home in a little over an hour.

The technology that makes it happen looks like something from NASA, but when explained makes perfect sense. Light comes through the dome and down the tube, which is really a tubular mirror, and is reflected through the opening. See, I told you!

And second, this anamorphic art display. The artist was just starting the drawing but you can see how the building seems to rise up and float in space. This is normally street art, but I could see this as a great center piece for a patio floor or even a wall.

The artist was taking a break from creating the building and beginning work on a lovely flower display. I didn't want to disturb her but took great pleasure in just watching the magic happen.

All-in-all I got some really great ideas and there were a couple of vendors I definitely plan to contact. An early Spring gives me lots of time to work on bringing some of the ideas I now have to glorious life.

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