Monday, June 13, 2011

Sights Around Tampa

I mentioned in an earlier post that I attended the Social Work State Conference in Tampa and really learned a lot. But, when visiting any place you know my motto: "Be sure to look around, and if possible take a picture." In that spirit, I have created a multimedia video to highlight some of the sights around Tampa.

Next post, my impressions of the Conference.


  1. Is the Franklin Bridge the one that is lit up at night? My friend who use to live in Stuart took some awesome photos of a very long bridge...

  2. Chrissy,
    I am sure it is lit at night because it is so long, however there are 3 long bridges that connect St Pete and Sarasota to Tampa. Your friend could have taken pictures of any one of them. It is one of the longest bridges I have ever encountered. So long, that signs warn you to check your gas level before attempting to cross it. The area is a very interesting part of Florida.

    On another note: The bridge is actually named the Frankland Bridge but even Google maps lists it as Franklin.

  3. Beautiful ! ça me donne envie d'y aller ! Thanks for the video (Florida is the land of long bridges ! think of the Florida keys...)

  4. JLBO,
    Yes, the keys are a perfect example. But I must admit the George Frankland is right up there on the list. I had to take it to get to Sawgrass Lake Park. I mapped it out on Goggle maps (no GPS) and just thought it looked long on the map. When I saw the signs about making sure you had enough gas to get across I knew the map was done to scale. It is a very long bridge...