Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Final Days... 2011 Jacksonville Jazz Festival

I really hated that I missed the first day of the 2011 Jacksonville Jazz Festival. But, the final day more than made up it by its shear ability to make you want to shake your head and tap your feet.

What kept going through my head was the slogan of the event: "Can you hear it yet?" because David Sanborn and George Duke gave performances that confirmed why they have remained so popular all these years. They were timely and kept the crowd engaged with their upbeat performance. And, I made a fantastic discovery in Marcus Miller who joined the two on bass guitar. He has won numerous Grammy awards but somehow flew under the radar for me. Not anymore!

Keeping the crowd engaged was no small fete when you consider their performance took place during the middle of the afternoon, in the heat of the day. I mean we are talking Florida here, where just walking out in the sun is enough to fry you. But let the music speak for itself. The video below Is just a small part of the end of an enchanting three days of great Jazz!


  1. OMG, David Sanborn!. My husband collected his albums...This brings back memories...I envy you! wow

  2. Chrissy,
    Yes, he and George Duke gave a fantastic performance. As I said in an earlier post, this was my first time at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival but from this post, and the two earlier ones, I think you can guess it will not be my last!