Monday, July 26, 2010

Someone Who Will Be Missed...

I received an email a week ago that both touched my heart and made me a little sad. My blogging friend Ana Marquez sent an email that she needed to take a small break from blogging.

It touched my heart that she thought enough of her readers to send out an announcement so they would know she would not be posting for awhile. It also made me a little sad because she is such a great person and artist and I always look forward to her beautiful sketch images. The sketch on the left of my blog titled "Cherrie's door" is a quick free hand drawing she did for fun that I just love.

I know how the demands of daily life can overwhelm you and blogging becomes one more thing that is added to an already crowed day. So I wanted to salute my friend and make certain I shared part of her with you. Here is a link to her blog and I encourage you to use Google Translate to read what she has to say.

To her I will say: "Take care my friend and I look forward to your return!"


  1. Oh, you're so nice! There're tears in my eyes now :'-) Thank yoy, thank you, thank you...
    I've sent you a email, dear. You know? Sometimes, the "great persons" have very "great problems" too :-)
    You are lovely always, dear. Thanks, my friend, thanks...

  2. Ana,
    We all have our problems... but it is also wonderful to know that we are well thought of. Just doing my part!!