Friday, July 30, 2010

The Girl With the Dragon Tatto

Is nothing sacred? I heard on the news last night that there is to be a Hollywood version of the book "The Girl With the Dragon Tatto." I guess there was too much attention and money involved to let a classic remain pure. OK, I'll admit I am no fan of the Hollywood machine that projects a special effects world where everyone is 25, blond, super thin, and botoxed to the hilt (omit men in all the aforementioned areas except the botox... I know, I know, more kitty litter over here as I'm becoming rather catty).

Part of what I liked about the Swedish movie was that none of the people were portrayed as perfect but appeared quite regular in terms of their physical makeup and complex psychological problems. These were the kind of people you could expect to see walking down the street with faces that were expressive and harbored all the marks you expect to see on yourself as well as the person next door. I guess you could say this was what added to the believability of the movie in relation to the gritty Stieg Larsson books.

And, to use a line from a famous Abba salute movie "Muriel's Wedding": "You can't stop progress!" But, I can give you a sample of the alternative. I have embeded the trailers from the Swedish movies and urge you to go see it along with the second feature in the trilogy "The Girl Who Played With Fire" which is currently playing in theaters. Both are spellbinding and the people are real!


  1. Did u see Into The Wild? The book was superb!. I was upset because the movie had twisted certain facts- all for the glory of making the movie more dramatic...The ending wasn't quite like the book.. Oh well, they always say the book is better.. When I saw Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, I was fine w/the subtitles.. Frankly this version was chock full of suspense and rawness. I do agree: nothing is sacred ...all for the love of money!.

  2. I've read all Stieg Larson's books, and loved them. Saw the movies too .. I prefer the books, to be honest. There are too many things left out in the films.. scenes I think explain why the characters act as they do.

    But the actors are brilliant.. So enjoy the films and the great performance by Naomi Rahposhe, who plays Lisbeth Salander.

  3. Chrissy,
    Yes, I did see "Into the wild" (in fact, I have it in my film library) and your info explains why certain things did not make sense and you had to sort of figure them out at the end. The movie never completely lives up to the book because some writers (like one of my favorites, Dickens, have such powers of description it is difficult to recreate that on the screen. And I agree the subtitles did not bother me because they give you a chance to glimpse things about other cultures. I always cringe when I hear that Hollywood is making an American version of a foreign film because most times it is butchered with effects that do not cause you to think or drive the story. They may prove me wrong but that has been the history.

  4. Madam Kjeldsen,
    You perfectly highlight Chrissy's point about scenes being left out. I wondered throughout the first movie what was Lisbeth's "violent" past.It was only until the second movie that I fully understood.

    And, I really enjoyed Noomi Rapace. She has one of those faces that makes you wonder what is going on behind her eyes. I wonder who Hollywood is going to come up to play her role. The rumor is that it will be someone unknown but I don't hold out much hope. Noomi Rapace literally owns this role and whoever they pick will have some big shoes to fill.

  5. I agree.. The little Swedish woman will be difficult to replace.. So why not choose her for the part ? :)

  6. MadamKjeldsen,
    Despite the fact she owns the role, I saw an interview where she stated she was not interested in making Hollywood movies but more interested in European cinema. And, knowing the Hollywood machine I'm certain the fact that she has not had a boob job is reason enough for them not to select her. I know I sound a little cynical but it is from experience...


    fyi: thought if u hadn't seen the article... not too happy about the girl they will have play the lead.. she looks too young, not street smart like the original one.

  8. Chrissy,
    Thanks for the info... Sorry for the delay in responding but Google is dropping comments again. it was as I predicted Hollywood never fails to disappoint. I remember they did the same thing with the French movie La Femme Nikita. While I loved Bridget Fonda, she simply was not up to the role when compared to the original version. Same thing with Pretty Woman, I liked Julia Roberts but the plot change was a fairy tale. However, surprises do happen, so I will be fair and wait for the finished product.