Monday, July 12, 2010

Exit Through The Gift Shop

It is not often that you encounter a true classic outside of the Hollywood machine, but recently I encountered just that. I had heard a little about the film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and went to see it with an open mind... not quite certain what I was going to see. I knew it was a movie about a movie but what I encountered was a lot more.

Basically a little Frenchman, Thierry Guetta, with a passion (and I do mean passion) for video photography decides he is going to find and film the illusive, yet world famous, street artist named Banksy. Once he finds him, the tale becomes an Alice in Wonderland saga where Thierry enters the in your face, tongue in cheek, creative world of the stencil street artist and how he is transformed. Transformed so much that Banksy decides to turn the tables. I will not give away the surprise ending, but it is a surprise!

It is a small movie but a huge tale that will make you smile and ask yourself "What is art?" I have provided a view of the trailer and highly recommend that if it comes to your town run, and I do mean run to see it! This link provides a schedule of screening locations.

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