Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Promise of Spring...

It is the day before the official first day of Spring and I am enjoying a warm, beautiful day. I love this time of year... everything seems to be waking up from the long sleep of Winter.

Even Daddy has shaken off his ground hog status and is planning his next conquest at the Senior Center. And so I thought it only fitting to give you an update on all the doings as the backyard once again comes back to life and I can enjoy, for a few months at least, why I moved to Florida. As always, click each photo for a better view.

Long before the official date the trees somehow knew that it was time and I could see buds. It feels nice most days now to sit on the pergola and watch the leaves develop almost like butterflies coming out of a cocoon.

My old nemesis, the dark spooky tree, that was tamed last year is still there but not much of a threat now.

in fact, so much light now comes through that I decided to make a small garden out of that corner of the backyard. Daddy says I am ambitious in that I have planted all kinds of vegetables to the point of making myself a full time farmer, but I think it will be fun to just go in the backyard and pick food from the ground. I will provide regular updates as it progresses.

The birds have also decided to return and it feels reassuring to hear either the tapping of a woodpecker or the cooing of a pair of wild doves that have taken up residence.

Daylight Saving Time now gives me time in the evenings to enjoy a glass of wine and ponder the plants that did not survive the hard winter,

the flowers that are blooming everywhere (even if they are weeds),

and yes, JLBO, even the makings of the afternoon barbecue!

That is truly the promise of Spring and what looks like a lot of work this Summer...


  1. Btw those yellow flowers aren't weeds.. here's a link:
    its a wildflower.. i have them in my yard.. in fact the link is to a company that specializes in drought tollerant plants.. they will be redoing my yard... they've become good friends...

  2. Chrissy,
    Good to know that the flowers are not weeds but wildflowers. That said, I will let them hang around for a little while longer (smile).

  3. It's almost a Seeing " Voices of Spring " by not the Joann Strauss...but the...Cherries,,
    Beautiful!! Spring has come ! by the Promise of Spring...

  4. So engaging ! You understand now why I too want to move to Florida sometime ...
    We might even share one of those afternoon barbecues with a glass of Burgundy (or Napa Valley) wine that makes a day (and life !) worthwhile.
    Cherrie, I loved the birds on that mighty, majestic old tree that sheds peace over the corner of your garden. They seem to be watching over you and I can almost hear them chirping away at the waking spring !
    A big hug to you and your dad and good luck to the gardeners ...

  5. Nomore,
    dangsin-eun jinjeong-eulo bopyeonjeog-in salam-ibnida. naega YouTubee gaseo bom-ui walcheu yohan syuteulauseu junieo mogsolileul deudgo balo geu hyeonjang-e maj-ji anhneundoebnida.

    (You are truly a universal man. I went to youtube and listened to Voices Of Spring Waltz by Johann Strauss Jr. and you are right it does fit the scene."

  6. JLBO,
    Yes, this time of year Florida has Colorado beat in that everything is alive and the heat is not oppressive. What always amazes me here is that you can drop a seed on the ground almost and it will grow the soil is so rich.

    As to the picture of the garden, I only showed a small portion of the layout. I have planted corn, tomatoes, greens, cantaloupe,peas, squash, cucumbers, watermelon,and carrots! Now do you see why Daddy says I am ambitious? But, you are invited to the harvest!

  7. Beautiful! The Spring prove that there's Hope for ever...

    Sorry for my English, always :-I


  8. It is wonderful, no more, no less. It is not quite so hot i Denmark.. yet... but Oh Boy, do I crave som sunshine now..

    It'll be interesting to follow your garden :) I'm a country girl, so a garden is like the better part of my soul. Best of luck with it.

  9. Madam Kjelsen,
    Craving the sun for 3 months out of the year was why I moved from Colorado to Florida... I still love Denver but I wanted more sun!

    I'm convinced the garden will be a grand adventure and I have invested in tools to help it along. Daddy is my secret weapon in that he knows all about growing things and I will be consulting him along the way. Be warm in Denmark!

  10. Madam Kjelsen,
    Any tips you want to provide being a country girl are welcome. I like the idea of making you part of my brain trust!

  11. :) I shall gladly offer you what little knowledge I have of gardening.

    I have watched my grandmother and both my parents dabble in gardening since I was a little girl. The results would differ each year, depending on how much sun, water etc. the summer had offered the plants. Both my grandmother and my mother swore to organic gardening, so does a good friend of mine. I shall gladly ask him for advice, should you require it :)
    Keep it simple, my grandmother always said. Start off with simple things, potatoes, carrots etc. Then expand your range of vedge and flowers as your knowledge grows..

  12. Madam Kjeldsen,
    Too late on the "keep it simple" because I have already planted almost every vegetable in the plant world, but I will be organic! My brain trust is growing!