Saturday, March 6, 2010

Off the Wall Sculptors

I guess you could say that I have had enough of cabin fever as the weather warms up because there was an art show titled "Off the Wall Sculptors" at the Karpeles Museum and I decided to go.

You might remember the Karpeles from the handwriting analysis I did on several mystery writers. This was a juried show and promised to be interesting. The sun was shining and it was beginning to once again feel like Florida so why not? As usual, click each photo for a better view.

Unlike the previous visit, there were plenty of others who had the same idea so it was interesting to get other's impressions of the art work.

This piece titled "Lamelliform 200" really caught my eye. It is a striking piece especially when viewed from different angles. I've provided two different views so you can get the feel of how it's shape moves the eye.

I really liked how viewing it from a different angle gives a totally different perspective. The piece is made out of laminated wood.

Another very interesting piece was this owl titled "Owlexander The Great". It really is great in my estimation because he is carved out of a gourd.

The back view really gives a sense of the detail that is involved.

A really whimsical piece was this couch or davenport which looks like it is ready to take flight. I guess that was the idea because it is made out of fabricated steel and titled "Davenportation".

Talk about quiet reflection. This bronze piece "Quiet Repose" makes you want to spend hours just pondering peaceful thought.

Another piece titled "Wings" seemed minimally abstract when compared to the full sized bird in the background. It is welded steel done by the same artist.

Very much like the earlier piece "Quiet Repose" this alabaster piece, while simple, some how caused me to stop and ponder it. There is a quiet beauty to it, and the dark smooth lines causes the eye to almost caress it.

The shape and color of this piece "Eclipse"caught my eye as well. It is wood and welded steel and despite the fact the largest portion is a static wheel, the colors give the impression that the wheel is somehow moving. Odd, very odd!

And finally, the most dominate piece of the show. I say dominate because it was over six feet high and hung from the wall, but looks like a necklace. The title "Rust and Satin #7", made from etched steel, rope, and leather. What do you think?

All-in-all it was a wonderful afternoon and I still had time to do a little walking around. Spring can't be far off...


  1. the first two and the bronze statue i would love to own.. what a statement any of those pieces would make...beautiful pieces. i am mesmerized by the first one- those lines i could look at for hours!.

  2. Chrissy,
    I thought you would like to know you picked the piece that won the show. The laminated wood piece really is almost hypnotic!

  3. LOL Yay, Somehow I seem to pick either the most expensive or the one that is in the top

  4. I really like the wood piece and the alabaster sculpture. It looks like it was a great show.

  5. Very curious sculptures and very good photos. The sofa seems comfy :-D
    I send you a big hug, Cherrie

  6. Dear Cherrie,
    Un clin d'oeil to "Owlexander" the Great ! (forgive me, Alex...)
    Lovely sculptures : Camille Claudel and Henry Moore wouldn't have disowned them (maybe...).
    A big hug.

  7. Ana and JLBO,

    Sorry for the delay in approving your comments. I have been doing seminars back to back and when you add in the time change for daylight savings, it has taken me a little time to get my feet back on stable ground. Glad you liked the sculptures. It really was an interesting show!