Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Olympics: Don't give up on your Dreams

I have been caught up in the Olympics like a lot of people and ran into this little video that offers hope to the little guy without a lot of talent. Stephen Colbert does a good job of adding a laugh on the road to Vancouver!

The Colbert Report
Skate Expectations - Speedskating Race - Shani Davis

And when you finish viewing the video jump over to No More's blog and check out a picture of his younger speed skating days.


  1. Enjoyed the video!. He makes me laugh just when I need one... Wow, the picture of Nomore's is awesome... I can tell he's a proud countryman w/ a sense of humor.

  2. Chrissy,
    Yes, I was really surprised that Nomore's used to be a speed skater! And props to Stephen Colbert for stepping in in support of the US speed skating team and raising money to keep them going when a major sponsor went bankrupt. Videos like this one have helped to draw attention to the sport.

  3. Am I just became a Star right now at once ? Cherrie Mckenzie and the only a client of mine Chrissy...Thanks..

  4. No More's,
    Yes, you are now famous. I think we were all proud to know you and a little of your history.

  5. Nothing is more beautiful that pursue a dream to the end.

    Thanks, Cherrie! Besos