Monday, September 7, 2009

Rocky Mountian High

It has been awhile since I have been back home in Denver. Getting settled in Florida has occupied so much of my psychic energy, that it was time go back and take stock of the place that shaped so much of the me that now exists. As usual, click each photo for a better view.

The beach and flat land in Florida seem so natural to me now that I was surprised to wake to this sight outside my window. It is definitely a room with a view.

We decided to spend some time in Boulder, which was really an excuse to drive around and observe how things have changed. What struck me was the degree of xeriscaping that has taken hold in the Denver Metro area. It represents an effort to return to native plants or plants that do not require much water.

This tall grass was everywhere.

The scenic overlook going into Boulder gives you that classic Colorado feel. It is a lovely day, just a little hazy, and there in front of you is Boulder and the mountains.

A zoom shot illustrates just how dominant the University of Colorado is in Boulder.

And then... I saw something that really surprised me. You expect to see it in the south, but there at the top of the scenic overlook outside of Boulder was a peach tree. It seems the South has followed me to Colorado.

We took a back road path back home and it gave me a chance to see how development is gradually eating up all the farm land near the towns between Denver and Boulder. This picture is particularly poignant in that it is a scene from rural Colorado you encounter less and less.

I have included the next two photos because the architecture is so strange and yet visually appealing to the eye. We passed the Avaya building (formerly Lucent Technology) and I just had to stop. The size alone is amazing in that it is huge.

And then when you add in the fact the building is mostly glass and that the transmitter like disk on top is really not a transmitter but simply a huge glass design, you really have to be amazed and in awe as you try to understand the designer's vision.

And slowly the day comes to a close and I am once again left with my view. This dusk image highlighted once again for me the beauty of this place near the mountains.

Good night all, check back for pictures of the Capital Building in Downtown Denver. Those are being left for another blog...


  1. Nice pictures...! I just remind the old song- Rocky mountain High with a back ground music...nice posts...!!

  2. Nomore,

    The Rocky Mountain High song by John Denver is now the state song. They did it a few years ago. If you liked these pictures then you will love the next set inside the State Capital building. Give me a few days.

  3. Thanks for the informs...about the State the state know the fact that in my MP3 listed it in ???...ok will be back soon...Have a nice day....