Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How do you know when you have jumped the pig...?

It all started Saturday evening with me feeling just a little down. But, as the evening went on I began to feel worse and worse.

By Sunday, there was no mistaking the signs... I had jumped the pig (as in maybe swine flu) and have been in bed since Sunday night. I'm gradually beginning to feel better but still staying close to the bed and watching lots of bad TV (boy am I bored but can't help myself).

So hang in there gang, the coactive dreamer will return soon!


  1. bad TV and flu dont go together.Listen to the radio(if you have good radio) Get well soon.

  2. Hi, Cherrie ! You've got to ride the pig and tame it, for goodness sake ! Thinking of you. Get well and come back soon with lots of new experiences and pictures to share with us. "You'll never walk alone", as the fans chant...

  3. OK gang,

    I have been shamed into listening to more radio and going through that world class movie collection I have. I think is was JLBO's "You'll never walk alone", as the fans chant..." and jokes by Alex that forced me to realize I have got to get better or my brain will turn to jelly. I'll sit out on the pergola today just to try to get some sun and fresh air.

  4. and nomore,

    I now want to come to Seoul because your blog has really gotten my interested! And, your wife is truly your muse...

  5. I just came by, randomly, as you do when pushing the bottom "the next blog", and I must say, I enjoyed reading your pages.

    The "pig" has landed in Denmark too, and folks are getting sick left, right and centre. I'm currently one of them, so you have my sympathies :)

  6. Hello, how are you? I look your blog now. I think yours photos are really beautiful, congratulations. My English is very poor, sorry, I am from Spain, in Europe. I send you a hug. I go back soon.

    Un abrazo desde España :-)

  7. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....