Thursday, February 26, 2009

Six Degrees of Separation

I've been doing some volunteering with a number of community organizations and one person recommended me to another, who recommended me to someone else, and suddenly I have a full calendar. What came to me was the concept of six degrees of separation, especially the six degrees of separation between you the reader and me. Who do you know, that may know someone, who knows me...?

I wondered how to express that idea as I looked through my photos and found this collage I did awhile back. It seemed appropriate because each photo was taken at a different place and in a number of cases from a different perspective. But, they all seem to highlight a connectedness of my world view. Enjoy...


  1. Your collage reminds me of the Rainbow sign the Lord gave Noah and of this quote :
    Signe de l’alliance, l’arc-en-ciel va de la terre au ciel et revient sur la terre : il est entre l’homme et Dieu et l’autre homme ; composé des sept couleurs, avec toute l’infinité de leurs nuances, pouvait-on trouver mieux pour dire de quelle façon le divin et la conscience la plus profonde de l’homme conçoivent la véritable alliance, la véritable unité ? (Mary Balmary)I believe in the connectedness of your world.

  2. This is such a great post! The picture remember me that everything is different and that they are beauty in their own way. As your situation with the person who know you that recommended you to another one and so on, those flowers have a connection between each other! And the mix of colores of that amazing collage reminds me to the flowers my boyfriend gave me for St. Valentine. Thnx for your post in my blog! I love yours too!! =9