Monday, February 16, 2009

A Different View of Orlando

I once spent a very long week in Las Vegas and realized once you got away from the Strip it is a very pleasant Southern California type town. The same can be said for Orlando. Once you get away from the giant mouse it becomes a city, much like other cities.

When Alex lived there I would go on weekends and we spent a lot of time on a lake near St Cloud to just people watch and play with our cameras. His was more powerful than mine back then but I got some good shots anyway:

The wedding runaway:

I love this shot because it speaks to all the chaos that occurs before you get those wonderfully planned wedding shots. There are several things going on at once with the photographer trying to get everyone settled, the older parents looking out into the future on the left, two guys in the back probably discussing sports, and the runaway off in his own world.

Visions on a summer day

The caption says it all... I was fascinated that both the boy and girl appear deep in thought but the girl is looking up and the boy is looking down.

Why you live in Florida:

Next to the wedding runaway, this shot from Orlando is one of my favorites. Just looking at it brings back the joys of warm summer evenings with the sun drifting slowly into the lake, and the gentle sound of water lapping the shore. I guess it is one of the reasons you live in Florida.


  1. Be blessed! "The new age of light is well under way and cannot be stopped." - Jakob Lorber.

    References: Holy Bible, Emanuel Swedenborg, Jakob Lorber, Bertha Dudde.

  2. I spent some time in Boynton Beach a few years ago. Nowhere have I witnessed more beautiful sunsets than in Florida ! Maybe because the land is so flat (the place I live in is surrounded with high mountains !)one gets a feeling of immensity, of endless sky, and an exhilarating sense of freedom. Indeed, I want to spend the last days of my life in Florida. For many reasons you ARE blessed !