Monday, February 23, 2009

In Like a Lion...and Still Roaring

Everyone is in a state of anticipation wondering when Spring will finally arrive and I count myself in this group. Or put another way, it is raining cold weather and we are jumping in between the drops attempting to enjoy the irregular days of warm weather.

Last weekend Alex and I decided to be brave and went to the beach.

But, as soon as we arrived it turned cold and to add insult it began to lightly rain.

I guess the beach will have to wait for another day…


  1. Thank you, Cherrie, for your comment on my blog : you really boosted up my morale which, as you can guess, is not so bright at the moment...I blame it on the grey winter skies and lack of sunshine which has been our predicament here, in this part of the world, since last november. How can one's spirits be so dependent on the weather, you may wonder - but this is how I am, unfortunately... I too enjoy reading your blog and I benefit a lot from your kindness and sense of care for other people. A bientôt !
    Reading your blog, I realize you and your husband probably felt the same as I do now, when the rain spoilt your day at the beach ! By the way, these pictures you posted remind me of my stay in Boynton Beach : those were happy (summer) days ! But springtime is round the corner, isn't it ?

  2. Beautiful shots, reminds me of my beaches by me to an almost exact amount. Keep up the great work

  3. Meow mix please,

    your photo is too cute. Says you have a sense of humor. Thanks for the compliment on the photos.

  4. Hello Cherry! Thank you very much for your post in my Blog. I have to say that your pictures and comments inspire me and make me think a lot. Those pictures of the beach remind me my last year vacations. I went to the beach with my boyfriend and it was a little bit dark but we still went into the water and was sooooo cold... Your pics are greats. Well.. because of you I create a blog in english so now everyone can read me (THANK YOU FOR TRYING TO READ MY BLOG IN SPANISH!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!) Bye and take care!

  5. These are beautiful pictures! Thanks for braving the cold to take them!