Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Raised Garden Project 6: We WILL Go To The Ball !!

Big goings on in the raised garden since my last post. For a better view click each photo.

Everything is in full bloom and as you can see from the photo above the upward movement has taken hold.  You can also see what I meant in the last post that there would be a boat load of tomatoes, and I only planted half of the seedlings.

If you think back to a photo that showed the beginnings of a squash sprout. Well, here is what it was a few days ago (we had it with  dinner soon after). And, there are many more coming, so I should have many squash with dinner nights.

I'm still amazed how the plants have taken to the underground watering from the pop bottles. This photo shows how the roots move toward the bottles. I've seen explosive growth with minimum water usage as a result. 

And, when I say "explosive" this is what I mean. The entire garden is in full bloom. Every morning or afternoon I go out and position the leaves in the cages and am shocked by their steady movement upward.

The only disappointment in the entire project had been the watermelons. The original seeds failed to germinate after two attempts. I finally bought different seeds which instantly seemed to respond. I got lucky and planted just as the moon was filling and I think that helped.  

I was really excited to do watermelons because they would be a great test of growing something as big as melons using a trellis or cage. Now that I have sprouts, it should be a real test of my skill in making a trellis and supporting the melons as someone did in this photo. Life is good, we WILL go to the ball!!!

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