Monday, January 27, 2014

Time And Video

I have been trying to get caught up with photos from my latest adventures but also thought I would give you a look at what I have been up to that slowed me down as I worked on them.

Some of you are aware I have a You Tube Channel that I use to host the videos I present on this and another site. You Tube has started a feature that allows you to create an introduction video for your channel. After putting up over 30 videos (not a huge number but a lot for me) I finally decided to put up an intro video so that viewers had a chance to understand my channel and maybe decide to look around.

I will confess that while I love doing video, I subscribe to the school of thought that wants to get beyond putting up a raw unfinished product, and so... it takes me a little while to put one together. One (wo)man shops usually work that way. But I hope you like what I've done and the channel intro is provided below.

Now to just find the time to upload my pictures from a recent Feather Horse festival. 
Hope this picture increases your patience while you wait...

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