Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The End of A Horrible Month

I have settled into December and must admit I now understand how the Queen of England felt when she referred to her "annus horribilis" or horrible year, November was mine!

The Constant Gardner, my father, will turn 90 next year and has had a struggle to remain in the world through this one. During multiple hospitalizations, he was revived three times and at one point we even had to make that dreaded end of life decision to remove life support.

But, the old scamp still had a trick or two up his sleeves and came roaring back. I say roaring because once all the medical devices were removed he began to thrive, was aware and alert,  and began making demands and telling us what he would and would not do. He is now back at home and planning the next harvest!

But, death comes on cat's paws and just as we were celebrating, I had to deal with another loss just as devastating. One of my best friends in Denver (Dwight Carr) went into the hospital complaining of chest pains and died! I have written about him and his wife before, and always regarded them as my "other" Ma and Pa because their love and patience could only be compared to the level of a parent.

I know my level of loss and can only imagine how his wife of 37 years must be adjusting to a loss of this magnitude. I found myself counting the days until November went away because now it was the bringer of bad news and events that were hard but must be endured. I will forever miss my friend, his laugh, his booming voice, and a willingness to help that seemed to know few bounds.

And so, the magical thinking continues because November has passed into memory and I am well settled into December... a month that holds promise. I do apologize for my absence in blogging and hope you will understand. A final word in passing: Take a moment and hold someone you love close!

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