Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reptiles... Reloaded!

We loved the Alligator Farm so much, and there was still so much to see, that we returned just to focus on different types of reptiles. Only this time we decided to take our video cameras because pictures could only show so much of the dynamic movement of reptiles.

I have included a short clip of a snake from the "Reptiles of the Pacific Islands" section of the park. I love how he slowly moves along the cage and drinks from the bowl. I've never seen a snake do that!

And, a short movie on Maximus the largest salt water crocodile at the facility in his underwater tank. I feel like Steven Spielberg in that my editing is getting better. As part of the background noise you can also hear Alex asking questions of the ranger who provides a little detail of the daily life of Maximus.

Pretty cool stuff huh...?


  1. Yikes! That snake is creepy!

  2. Dear Cherrie, I'm afraid I can't stand (even) the sight of snakes !

  3. JLBO,
    Me either, but there is something sort of comforting about being able to observe them from the safety of a plate glass window. (smile)