Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birds at the Alligator Farm

We went through all the alligator exhibits and there were still other things left to see. So, we settled on the alligator swamp nature trail and native bird rookery. As always click on each photo for a better view.

It seemed a perfect choice because about twenty native birds were nesting there, protected by of all things... alligators.

I particularly liked the Egrets
and was able to locate several
waiting for their eggs to hatch

This guy is just putting together his condo to try and attract a female.

These chicks probably had not been hatched for very long and appear to be learning the ropes of sunning yourself.

On the other hand these guys have gotten the sunning part down but still have not figured out it is time to leave the overcrowded nest. The noise was unbelievable as all kinds of chicks were screaming to be fed.

We found out the birds like to nest in the alligator swamp because the alligators keep away small predators like possums and raccoons that do not stop until they have eaten every egg in sight.

If you don't have a nest yet, it is still OK to just be beautiful and we had more than enough shots similar to this one. Alex and I agreed this was one of the best adventures yet.


We still had time to head for the beach and set up our little beach table for a late lunch.


  1. Well I learned something new!... Birds are smart to make their nests near creatures that could potentially harm them... but which don't seem too... balance in nature ... love the last two photos the best... wish I was there!.

  2. I would really like to visit this alligator farm because it does have EVERYTHING!

  3. I love the parrot ! He is a beauty ! I'm glad I met Al first, the red parrot makes me forgive him his ugliness...
    Still, as we say over here : "Il faut de tout pour faire un monde"...
    Have an exciting week-end, you and Alex.

  4. Chrissy and JLBO,

    It was a visually fun adventure. They even had a down under section which highlighted birds and gators from Australia. I left that out because Australia does it better. But,all in all there was a lot to see!

  5. Nice pictures...Have a Happy weekend !

  6. I love this parrot :-). The color is wonderful