Wednesday, April 22, 2009

But Is it paparazzi?

Last weekend was a walk on the wild side in that I had a chance to try out a new telephoto and a wide angle lens I recently bought. It was uncharted territory for me in that Alex is the one who normally takes people shots, I like close up's like this seaweed below (as always, click on each photo for a better view)...

or landscapes like this one that magically looks like a raised impression of a footprint on the beach.

But with the telephoto lens you somehow find yourself taking candid pictures of people from far away. I did not go crazy and catch people doing all kinds of odd things but simply ask that you bare with me while I give you my version of being a paparazzi.

Alex and I agreed to meet further down the beach as we went our separate ways to take pictures. I secretly followed him with the telephoto lens and liked this shot because everyone seems to be in motion except him.

Later, these two girls share a private moment of secrets that only girls know about.

And then the wide angle view of the St. Augustine inlet

Off in the distance, in another direction there was this classic 50's kitsch motel with cheesy flamingos. I zeroed in and the result is priceless

I was able to get up close and personal with a crane.

And remember the view from the lighthouse a couple of weekends ago? Well here is the opposite view from off in the distance on the ground with a sailing ship passing by.


  1. I guess we are all paparazzi at one time or another. But I think what separates us from the typical paparazzi is our behavior... Whether we insist on taking a picture of a person or landscape.. to the point where we intrude... I am amazed at the amt. of shells that are on that beach!.. argh, I never have that luck!. I am so u take some awesome pictures.

  2. Chrissy,

    I think you are right about the intrusive aspect of the photographic behavior. But, just the way I was able to take some of the pictures shown here from far away gives an indication of the temptation.

    As to the shells. We were on Valino Beach which is north of St. Augustine and that area is noted for shells and Coquina which the Spanish used to build some pretty sturdy forts and housing. Check out this link for a little more info:

  3. have u been to Virgina? my bf use to live there and he picked up this awesome shell its huge.. he says the beaches there are covered...on the west coast we aren't as lucky could be because the surf is stronger? and yep the temptation I agree w/u on that.

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    We went on a wine tasting trip for Jackie's 27th Birthday.

  5. What a beautiful spot, St. Augustine ! You made great use of your new tele and wide angle lens. Most of all, I always like your captions. Obviously, the lighthouse fascinates you as it did Virginia Woolf...Have a great day.

  6. JLBO,

    You always make me look at things from a different angle... Thanks!