Friday, April 24, 2009

The Age of Loneliness

Despite the fact that there are times when we are two armed camps on an issue, there is something to be said for having a partner in crime. And that is how I view Alex, part Father at times but generally the person I can go to who is willing to share my joy in doing dumb stuff.

And yet, looking back there was a time of searching and loneliness. The other day I was looking up something and ran into some music by Enigma that was the embodiment of that time. I found the video on Youtube and thought I would share it with you. There is something very haunting about the chant that runs through it...


  1. When my two oldest moved out there was just my son and I...There were times I felt very alone.. It didn't help that he loved to hold up in his room like a typical teen.. What I missed was talking to an adult... Adult conversation to share... Even tho I have a long distance there are times that I feel alone ... Circumstances keep us apart which we both have come to terms with...And yes I can still call whenever I need to but nothing beats having him right here... The sound of the chanting fits so well.. Sounds sorrowful and painful... Loneliness can be at times...I remember hearing my Grandma saying how lonely she was and the way she said it sounded like she was in agony.. Even tho we were always nearby she still felt lonely.. I didn't understand it at the time but now I do.

  2. Chrissy,

    The thing I always liked about that video is that it shows all the people swimming through it, and that is what happened for me. Alex and I were two souls that collided. And, while we may not agree on everything we both have come to realize what comfort and support the other provides and that is why I call him my partner in crime.

  3. I can very much relate my feelings to the songs you posted at your blog!.. keep it up.. i'm cielo.. a follower of your blog... "co active dreams gallery".