Friday, March 20, 2009

The Butterfly Pre-quel

The response was so positive to "Butterflies Are Free" that I have borrowed from Star Wars and did a Pre-quel of pictures taken before the previous pictures and a small video.

Many of you seemed amazed that there is such a thing as a butterfly museum so I am displaying the poster on the outside of the building. It illustrates that there is actually science involved in maintaining the museum.

The Rainforest Museum is part of the Natural History Museum. Just before the rainforest entrance is this fossel and an artificial display of butterflies.

The display of butterflies leads you down what seems like a tunnel and over to the entrance. I felt like I was following winged bread crumbs.

Once inside the rainforest, there is always the cheeky tourist named Alex blocking your shot...

These zebra butterflies seemed more interested in hanging out with each other than diving for the easy meal of sugar found in the fruit and bananas put out by staff.

I loved this particular shot because it gives an indication of just how true to life the rainforest appears. This plant has grown up through a boulder.

And to finally share a bit of the degree of relaxation you experience I have included a short video. The sound of the flowing water and the sight of the butterflies almost forces you to slow down and just enjoy. And so, I hope you will...Enjoy!


  1. Wow, Cherrie, I so needed to look upon beauty today. Thanks for supplying just what I needed, once again! I am so glad you are on this earth.

  2. Happy to oblige. And don't worry about your flowers... they will be just fine!

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