Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tennis, Laura Mvula, And The Need To Go Outside

It seems the month of June has been consumed with Tennis. First came the French Open (Roland Garros for French readers) which seemed to slide right into Wimbledon. As a result, tennis, the heat, and a film competition I entered, have left little time for photography adventures.

But I am here to testify that spending time inside watching a little ball fly back and forth does have a payoff, despite the fact my heart was broken when Nadal was eliminated in the first round of the English drama. ESPN had this catchy little tune that periodically plays after commercials or before play, and after hearing it a number of times as I entered or left the room it finally got my attention.

The catchy little tune was sung by the lovely Laura Mvula, who has this  haunting voice which channels Nina Simone and made me want to know more about her music. The catchy tune I was drawn to is her single "Green Garden" and it truly highlights her musical depth.

She is a breath of fresh air in an era of manufactured singing stars who depend more on controversy or wardrobe choices to promote what should be their vocal gifts. I have been blown away by the complicated simplicity of the sound she is able to produce.

And so, as I sit here held hostage by the little ball; I thought I would give you a chance to go outside to a green garden to experience the real deal: a voice that cannot be ignored!

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