Monday, April 22, 2013

Stumbled Upon Surprises

I'm always pleasantly surprised when I go out to take photos and discover something that really peaks my interest and turns out to be even better than the normal street scene! Jacksonville was hosting it's first ever "One Spark" inventor and creator festival. I carried my smaller camera expecting to take photos but once on site discovered there was such vibrant activity that video was a better way to capture it, and I did not have my HD camera. But, no matter, I was still able to capture the fun atmosphere of the event.

The rules of the competition were that each presenter had a number and if you liked their project then you could vote for them to win the competition in various categories. That said, I decide to let you see who I voted for and also provide a chance to relive the event through each video. As usual, click each photo or video for a better view. 

I first encountered the group Elestical Sound and thought they were great. They played everything from New Age type to music you would expect to hear on Smooth Jazz radio, all under this wonderfully funky canopy. My video of them was not that great so I decided to include a photo of them in a video along with various sights of the festival and use their music as background.

Next came the Cel Project, an environmental group that uses containers to build schools, nurseries, and housing in under developed countries. The presenter was very personable and loaded with information. Each time I watch her on the video I have to smile because she is so passionate and bubbly!

I could not resist this guy because he had the novel idea of renting and providing bike valet service.He was into the fun of the event and had all kind of bikes for anyone tired of trying to walk the different venues.

The Jacksonville Zoo was also a competitor and was seeking votes for its new Tiger Trails, which would provide ranging room for a new tiger habitat. They wanted votes and were nicely hunting down people to get them.

Another competitor I fell in love with was the very inventive number 767.  they was seeking funds to place murals around the city. I thought their bill board high above the festival was a great marketing idea. And, I have to give them props for having the chops to back up their very high profile.

Their mural speaks for itself! I love the way the frog is holding a fisherman in his hands after swallowing his line!

But the absolute hit of the festival was the group Fathom Sphere and one of it's performers AJ! This group was amazing in putting together their own promo videos and then presenting one of the most engaging performances of the festival. I watched their performance and could not resist thinking that I had had the pleasure of viewing an up and coming buzz band. Others seem to have thought the same because Fathom Sphere won first prize in the music category. Just a hint of things to come for this group! Take a listen and you will understand why... 

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